Women in Sports – The Road Behind, The Road Ahead

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A documentary film following Rimla Akhtar, first Muslim woman on the FA Council and ex-futsal player. The film takes a historical look at the progress women have made in sport from the beginning of the 21st century to today. Moving to the present day it takes a closer look at the specific challenges facing women from different religious and cultural backgrounds in the UK, and how their specific circumstances affect their ability to participate. It looks at participation levels as well as what the UK is doing to change this. Taking the example of ethnic minority women, it explores the challenges and changes for women in the world of sport. The film features Ambreen Sadiq, Britain’s first female Muslim boxer, Hy Money, UK’s First Female Sports Photographer and Tanvie Hans; the first women’s footballer to play in men’s league in India, and Tottenham Hotspurs player.

  • Date: 2016
  • Category: Documentary
  • RUNNING TIME: 26:00 minutes