TV Studio Hire


The date of service launch: 20/11/2020. Single Camera Green Screen Studio is available for hire dry or wet with staff with full production galleries and broadcast transmission solutions for live or recorded programming. The studio is equipped with green screen, one camera solution, lights, sound, vision mixer, autocue, broadcast transmission solutions for live television or recorded.

Editing facilities, post-production, crew and equipment are available for a competitive price. We can offer competitive prices for managing the entire production from shoot to edit to final delivery for our clients.



Broadcast Transmission


The Studio is configured with Ultimatte hardware offering the highest quality key. Utilising a dedicated background camera to take any background preferred whether virtual or set background. Alternatively, the studio can be set with cyclorama curtains or photographic paper, for a cosy junket or portrait style. A popular option for down the line interviews, recorded statements and SMT/junket promotions.

The studio designed and built to broadcasting standards for short news contribution to live streaming to longer term productions, making it perfect for Film & TV, Photography, Advertising, Corporate Videos and more.