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Liberty Media Productions (LMP), an Award-winning British film and television production company with offices in Leicester city and London which works primarily for broadcast television in the Uk, Middle East, and worldwide. LMP aims to create diversity and equality, empower the youth to use the power of sports, music, and art to better their communities, and exploring the most vital aspects in society and offering empowerment through media. LMP is one of the few British companies in the Uk which produces bilingual (Arabic/English) documentaries and programs on cross-cultural topics that aim to empower the youth, evoke tolerance and unity between diverse communities.


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LMP work featured in international festivals such as Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival and Festival del Cinema Africano, d'Asia e America Latina, Milano.

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LMP received awards and international recognition including the Best Drama Award (2010), Jordan Award (2010), Artist Achievement Award (2011), and Damascus Days of Artistic Innovation’s Award (2016). LMP was also nominated for Adonia Award (2010) in best script category.

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LMP has extensive experience in TV and film production, sports and football documentaries, reality TV shows and production content for cultural and media development projects.


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