The Story of Success

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This film profiles Rory McLeod, the only and first black English professional snooker player who made it to the top in the snooker championship. The film follows Rory from World Snooker Championship where he wins his matches to explore with him why no one else from the disadvantaged youth especially the ethnic minorities have made it up in the game for the last ten years or so? Rory goes into an experiment of how can he take the snooker game to the street, and entice the young disadvantage kids especially the ethnic minorities in the Uk to play snooker by taking the experiment to a minority school in Leicester. Rory explores the best ways and actions to be taken to get the ethnic minority youth into the game. The film features Steve Davis, Ken Doherty, and John Higgins.

  • Date: 2016
  • Category: Documentary
  • RUNNING TIME: 26:00 minutes