The Most Dangerous Men in the British Jihad

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The film follows the story of the three jihadists through the timeline of pivotal events per decade and the role of these events on the jihadist journey of the three characters including 1970s: Siege of Mecca and Iranian revolution, 1980s : Mujahdeen fight in Afghanistan, 1990s Bosnian War, 1998 American Embassy Bombings and Ben Laden Declaration of War,  2000s: 9/11 and War on Terror, and 2010s Syrian Civil War and ISIS declaration of Caliphate. The film also look s at the charismatic jihadist leaders in Britain mainly Abu Hamza AL Masri, Omar Bakri Mohameed, Abu Qutada AL Filistini, and Anjem Choudry who were influential ideologues and influenced the jihadist movement over the past 30 years. The film explores the influence of these influential charismatic leaders on the journey of the three jihadists which the film follows.

The film explores how these British ideologues are connected to global network of Islamic and jihadist groups, and contributed to the radicalisation of the jihadist Brits  from different generations. The film also looks at the ideology of AL Qaeda and the influence of its charismatic leaders including Ben Laden in the evolution of jihadist movement.

The film looks at the evolution of jihad from AL Qaeda to ISIS and how poetry, Nasheed and the audio culture played a pivotal part in the recruitment propaganda of the insurgency. The film looks at the role of Afghanistan in the jihadist movement through the years. The film is formatted through parallel events happen in different parts of the world by by parallel characters.

  • Date: 2021
  • Category: Documentary
  • BROADCASTER: AlGhad TV London
  • RUNNING TIME: 2 episodes x 52 minutes